Squidy Bites That Are Little

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I almost bought this for $5 at the dollar store


Oh, shi! ceph-the-rat!

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i don’t understand the animal crossing universe’s economy at all why are bugs and fish worth more than furniture and clothes and where is the demand for these creatures coming from what was/are tom nook/reese doing with all these critters they’re shelling out hundreds of thousands of bells for and why are there no bug or fish villagers is this some animal farm shit where all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others what the fuck kind of game am i playing

For that matter, are the cakes and other food vegan, or do they take cow villagers’ milk and chicken villagers’ eggs? Is the milk at the Roost soy milk or something, or, again, cow villagers’ milk?

The milk at the Roost is crop milk, obviously.

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[Batman Beyond 2.0 9]

#so i really do not get that 7th panel #with robin winning gotham high’s science fair i guess?

Haha! Nooo, this is a crossover with B:TAS. Scarecrow was poisoning football players at Dick’s university with fear toxin in a powder form. He was going to drop it into the football stadium during an important game and infect the entire stadium. Dick had already been infected so was terrified of everything, but he got up his courage to jump from above the stadium to catch the vial of toxin before it broke over the game.

I like your idea, though. It’s very Golden Age. XD

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Little Bergmite got separated from its herd in a blizzard at night. It uses Flash to chase away the shadows.

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Someone validate my opinion…

I hate debating via internet, I don’t even really like debating in life unless I am fully prepared or have in depth knowledge but anyways in crossfit land someone posted about this Transgender athlete that is suing crossfit, and it’s a bit of a difficult thing to figure out exactly about where she can compete and I am not knowledgable enough about hormones and muscles to really have an opinion 

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As I both see and understand it, once someone’s birth certificate has been changed, they are legally recognized as that sex and by law must be treated as such. If this athlete is legally recognized as female, she should be able to compete with other women. I think your debate partner has a very shallow understanding of how hormones work and standard hormone therapy. (I obviously only have an outsider’s understanding of hormone therapy, but it’s not that difficult a concept.) There’s a huge natural overlap between men and women in hormone profiles, so it’s ridiculous to say, “This person has an advantage because they had more testosterone growing up!” I suspect that most athletes have above average levels of testosterone, but regardless they all fall on a range, so one woman is always going to have a higher testosterone to oestrogen ratio than the others. And anyway, the woman in your example is very likely on hormone therapy, so her hormone profile is probably closer to the “standard female” than her competitors’. She may have had an advantage in building muscle initially, but she may be at a disadvantage keeping it. I’m not aware of any studies that have looked into the issue, but you might find something if you look into it.

Also, that guy deliberately misgendering someone is disgusting. WTF.

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ugh i want to eat better - I’d save a lot of money, and feel a lot better - but i don’t think i have the spoons to do so. it takes too much foresight and it makes a mess of the kitchen, and if i have the spoons to make food I don’t have any left to clean up when im done.

What works for me is making one big meal that lasts a week. It takes about two days worth of spoons for me unless I have someone to help with getting groceries. On the first day, decide what you want to make and go buy the ingredients, and then cook on the second day. Things like soups, chili, and casseroles are especially great; because they don’t require much actual cooking, they make a ton of food, and you can minimize clean-up by storing them in whatever you used to cook them. If you can’t eat the same meal every day, you can modify most meals by adding a topping or using it as a topping (so like adding sour cream to chili or having chili on toast). Vegan and vegetarian recipes also tend to take less prep (most only need to be warmed instead of actually cooked), and they tend to keep better in the fridge so you don’t have to mess with freezing and thawing as much.

If you’re not already following them, the no-more-ramen blog has great recipes and tips for coping with low spoons. I could also send you a few of my favourite recipes if you’re interested?

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Human behavior is a hell of an interesting thing...


…particularly in the way that no matter how far we develop and distance ourselves from the wild creatures which lack the wheel and the written word and the industrial war machine, our behavior often mirrors that of far simpler organisms than ourselves. Perhaps there exist certain universal truths…

That’s certainly an interesting interpretation, but it’s definitely not what’s occurring. Your explanation is full of anthropomorphism, assigning critical thinking skills and emotions to animals that are just not capable of that level of complexity. Crabs aren’t spiteful, they’re purely selfish just like all other solitary species. If the crabs in the bucket pull their escaping conspecifics back into the bucket, it’s most likely by accident as the trapped crabs try to use the escaping crab for purchase to make their own escape. They’re not thinking, “That other crab is escaping! I’d best pull it back here so we can continue fighting!” They may not even recognize the other crab as a crab in their own blind panic.

As for the similarity between human and animal behaviour, it’s most likely due to the limits of evolution. We all share a similar evolutionary history to an extent, and that history dictates what emotions and behaviours we can display. For example, all animals can show aggression under stress; it’s something an ancestral species developed that we’ve all held onto. Recent evolution and environmental factors (including the literal environment, social situations, prior learning, etc.) will influence what emotions and behaviours we actually do display. For example, Bonobos and Chimps share a recent common ancestor, but one species is generally peaceful while the other is extremely violent (this is due to recent evolution). But whether an individual Bonobo or Chimp behaves peacefully or aggressively is also influenced by that individual’s learning and the situation (this is due to environmental factors).

Anyway, if you’re interested, you should try looking into human evolution and behaviour. It’s a pretty new field in biology (separate from anthropology) that investigates how human evolution might explain modern behaviour patterns. It’s interesting to look at humans as animals trapped by their evolutionary and personal histories, and it’s certainly changed how I see humanity.

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Day 28: Gible for cutest Pokemon! Technically, Joltik is cuter, but since I already used them…. Gible is extremely cute, though; it’s just a little ball of land-shark doing what land-sharks do. This one wants a hug. Or to eat your face. One of those….

Day 28: Gible for cutest Pokemon! Technically, Joltik is cuter, but since I already used them…. Gible is extremely cute, though; it’s just a little ball of land-shark doing what land-sharks do. This one wants a hug. Or to eat your face. One of those….

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Day 27: Coolest Pokemon. I’m not entirely certain what that means, but I figure Tyranitar is pretty cool.

Day 27: Coolest Pokemon. I’m not entirely certain what that means, but I figure Tyranitar is pretty cool.